The age of the domain name has a very significant role to play in having the website ranked well on search engines. Search engines like Google take the age as a measuring tool for authenticating the website. If the domain is old and boasts of a strong PR, then the worth invariably goes up. Since trust is built gradually with time, Google pays a lot of attention towards this factor. Experienced web masters and even veteran developers are very well aware of the fact that more the age of the domain, more the chances of doing well. Every SEO Services India enterprise would also propagate the same thing that gaining the confidence of the search engine with time is very important towards attaining good search engine rankings. Some have also opined that indexing and ranking algorithms of Google give preference to the age. well Here we go, Let see about some Domain age checker Tool.I have Collected some tools that really best to your check domain age..

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conglandSEO Moz

seomozClick Consult

clickconsultSEO uk


domainageSEO Chat

seochatSEO Valley

seovalleyPerfect Optimization


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  1. Bulk Seo Tools January 24, 2012 at 9:21 pm - Reply


    Can you please include my domain age checker tool in your list?

    This tool helps you quick find out domain registration date, expiration date and registrar name. You can check up to 500 domains at a time.

    It is Free, you don’t have enter so annoying captcha every time you use the tool.

  2. DNToolz October 11, 2014 at 6:35 am - Reply

    What about it provides bulk age check as well.


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