Windows 7 is expected to surpass market share of Windows XP by the end of this year, taking its market share to more than 40%. This killer OS from Microsoft has the speediness of XP and beauty of Vista. With the huge success of Windows 7, demand of high quality Windows 7 themes has also increased. Microsoft that has been developed largely by keeping user feedback in mind. It is much more faster and better looking than Vista. If you are one of those users looking to upgrade or buy Windows 7, then you should definitely look out for some custom made themes.

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You can find hundreds of themes for Win 7 on the web but here we’ve selected some of the best Windows 7 themes which will give your desktop a whole new look.

White Minimalistic Desktop Theme – Purity 7

white purity desktop theme%Dark Agility

dark agility windows 7 desktop theme%Classic Glass Theme:

glass theme classics%Elegant Glass Desktop Theme for Windows 7:

elegant glass desktop theme%Desaturated Grey Windows 7 Desktop Theme -Dark Pearl

desaturated grey windows 7 desktop theme%Windows 7 MAC Theme

windows 7 mac theme%7Pro- Dark Desktop Theme:

professional windows 7 desktop theme%Amazing Iohanna Elegance:

awesome desktop theme iohan%Blue Windows 7 Desktop Theme -Midnight

blue windows 7 desktop them%

Elegant Black Windows 7 Theme

elegant black windows 7 desktop theme%Longhorn Skull Theme

skull desktop theme%Light Blue Windows XP for 7

light blue windows xp theme%Hot 7looks for Windows 7

7looks custom windows 7 theme%Desaturated, High-Contrast Desktop Theme

desaturated high contrast d%Pastel Colors Desktop Theme – Pastelia

pastel colours desktop them%Purple Dream Visual Style

purple visual windows 7 sty%Beautiful Clear Screen Windows 7 Theme

clear screen beautiful desk%Extraordinary Theme

extraordinary theme for win%Dark Windows 7 Theme-Split

dark windows 7 theme%Shiny Desktop Theme X2

shiny desktop theme%Elegant White Desktop Theme Snoseo7

elegant dark white desktop theme%Black Funk Visual Style for 7

black funk visual style%Dark Windows 7 Desktop Theme

dark windows 7 desktop theme%

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    Nice collection of windows 7 themes thanks for sharing this

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