Image morphing is an image processing technique used to compute a transformation, that is, a metamorphosis, from one image to another. The process is called “morph” for short. The idea is to create a sequence of intermediate images, which when put together with the original images, represents the transition from one image to the other.In a morphing sequence between two faces, the middle image often looks strikingly life-like, as a real person, but clearly it is neither the person in the first or in the second image.

Here I Have composed some Android Applications that helps you to Morph your Faces and your Images.

Here some Android Apps:

Floken Morph

Floken Morph is a face morphing application, that also allows face distortion to create facial expressions, based on mask points editing.

Floken Morph - Free Android AppsEasy Image Morph

Easy Image Morph is a fast and free application to morph two images together. You can select from 10 different morphing algorithms and adjust the morph weighting per photo. You may also save your morphed image out to a new file. This is handy for creating composite images, smoothing out blurry images, getting a higher quality image from multiple composite shots, generating change maps for terrain, computer vision research, etc.

Easy Image Morph - Free Android appsImage Ooze – Morph Faces

Make images ooze, touch the screen and move your finger to warp and twist images, faces of friends, pets whatever you choose.Use the camera to take pictures or load from your albums. Press the menu key for options.Requires a touch screen and Android 1.5 or above. Look out for the paid version with save enabled.

Image Ooze - Free Android appsStretch That Face

Demo version of Stretch That Face, funny application to stretch, shrink and make your friend’s face funny.This free version is only a PREVIEW, you can choose only one of the predefined pictures.

Strech That face - Free Android apps

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