VOIP technology is really a just one way of delivering a voice signal also called an analog signal inside a medium that is digital, i.e, the web. Used, the procedure works such as this if you have a typical analog telephone mounted on your high-speed internet reference to VOIP. You will see an analog telephone adapter or ATA between your phone and also the computer. To be able to place what can normally be considered a lengthy distance call to someone who does not have VOIP service you type in the sum you want. The analog telephone adapter converts the touch tones right into a gifs. Digital telephone number is distributed through the analog telephone adapter towards the VOIP routing system in the service provider’s location. The VOIP company is situated on the web too.

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Here In this post we have collected some Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) Applications to your Android models Phones, Download it and enjoy your free calls.

Mobile VOIP – Free WiFi calls

Cheap calls using MobileVOIP over 3G or Wifi! Call for free: The MobileVOIP dialer lets you make cheap calls to national or international destinations. MobileVOIP is the best Android voip solution; save on your mobile phone costs right away, by using this Mobile voip (MVoIP) cheap calls app! MobileVOIP offers free 3G calls or WiFi calls for Android, Symbian and iPhone users!

Mobile VOIP

WiCall : VoIP call, wifi call

Make cheap calls using your wifi / 3g. Cheaper than Skype out, better than Viber “The cheapest VOIP service on the Android Market”.Incredibly cheap mobile calls, you won’t believe our rates for your long distance or international calls. Much cheaper than calling with Skype out. Use your Wifi (or 3G / 4G) to make VoIP calls with your android phone or honeycomb tablet. Mobile Voip has never been that easy, Skype & calling cards already hate us!


VOIP -Call Cheaper than Skype

cheaper calls from your cellphone, Cheaper offers cheap VOIP calls over Wifi. International calls has never been that cheap. Using Wifi, call directly from your cellphone / mobile phone without using your “minutes”, without any roaming fee. Cheap calling app #1 in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and many more countries.


Wifi Voip: make VOIP calls

Wifi Voiper lets you make cheap calls to national or international destinations.Make VoIP calls over a wifi connection (or 3G). Forget roaming fees. Wifi Voiper lets you make cheap calls to national or international destinations. Save on your mobile phone costs right away, by using this voip calls app! Simply install our Wifi Voiper app. It comes with test credits to make your first calls free.

Wifi Voip

JustVoip Voip calls

JustVoip enables you to save on your monthly calling charges by over 80%! The JustVoip MobileVOIP app lets you make cheap or even free international calls through WiFi or 3G networks. You can choose any contact from your regular contact list or add new contacts. If you are already a JustVoip user, you can import the contacts from your JustVoip client as well.

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