Twitter is the hottest thing happening right now.  Practically every celebrity, TV show, blog and magazine have been asking viewers to “follow me on Twitter.”  Is it just me, or are there others out there that think Twitter is just overhyped and overrated?  Does Twitter provide enough of a value-added service to justify the amount of praise and publicity it’s gotten?  Or, is it just a snowballing effect of media hype?

I’d say Twitter is a fad.  The site has some practical uses, but it’s nothing more than a mini-blog.  I mean who cares about what someone had for breakfast, or whether someone is using the toilet.  So many people use Twitter for such mindless conversations, it’s ridiculous.  I think people will eventually realize that Twitter is social media built on hype.  It’s human nature to follow the herd, and it’s exactly what has happened with Twitter.

I think there are some individuals and businesses that may benefit from Twitter, such as the Kogi lunch truck in L.A.  The Kogi lunch truck tweets their whereabouts to their loyal customers everyday.  But this represents only a tiny fraction of the entire Twitter population.

The Bottom Line:  The only reason why Twitter has become so popular is simply because of all the hype and media sensationalism it’s gotten.  When you think about it, the ones that really use Twitter are the people in the media and marketing business.  I don’t know of any friends or family members who use Twitter.   Maybe I’m just old fashioned and prefer to follow new stories through traditional outlets such as blogs or news publications.


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  1. Steve August 12, 2009 at 10:24 am - Reply

    What does Google think of Twitter?

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