A year ago the community was self Redding to the new and improved Firefox 4.0, but the user not only to a new browser window, but a new roadmap for future versions to get. We all know that a new version of Mozilla Firefox is a very long time over a reality and with the rise of the Google Chrome browser and the local development program, the direct competition forced to make some changes on your own . develop So now check Firefox 12.0. Crazy, is not it?

I do not think you really can not blame anyone for this turn of events, especially in a world that automatic updates began to reign, and where the version number of a particular software is not as important. In any case, this is how things work inside the brain of Mozilla. According to the developers, all changes in the Firefox source code is first in the mozilla-central repository integrates Mercurial. At regular intervals, the changes from mozilla-central imports to clear the tracks, with a broad audience, such as the beta channel. Finally, the changes appear in the version of Firefox. The problem, or in this case the solution is to have a faster development cycle, and Firefox is only 16 weeks or less. That means that Firefox is now stable, 12.0, 13.0 and 14.0, the Alpha Beta (and Aurora, as they like to call it), and 15.0 at night (daily builds).

Firefox-12.0 Review

Firefox-12.0 Review

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Most major Linux distributions now provide the latest version of the Firefox web browser. It is tested Firefox on Ubuntu LTS 4.12 12.0 (Pangolin time), a distribution that was only a few days. Canonical has it good with the ultimate Firefox available through its two-day board. The user may also download Firefox 12’s official website, in the form of a file containing all files necessary to run the software. Think of it as a portable package, even if the profile created in the same directory.

Usage of Firefox

The problem with multiple versions of software such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, it is difficult to follow, which added in previous versions. In fact, I remember I did not when a particular feature has been introduced or have been available for some time.
Evaluation of software like Firefox could be a great company and I’m sure not everyone is interested to read in detail all the ins and outs of the software, so I’ll list the good and bad and let you decide whether c ‘The browser is for you. Before making a decision, users should note that experience with Mozilla Firefox will be different for each and every one of you that people who use the browser in various ways tend.

The Best Feature

The best feature of Firefox is undoubtedly its ability to integrate, third-party add-ons, so that the original software in expanding into new possibilities. I am a power user of Firefox and that is, all that I need not have present in the standard package. The community add-on is so great that it almost impossible to want something and can not find it. Another important feature of Firefox awesome bar-12. Maybe he has a jazzy name, but I need props to give Mozilla. It’s pretty impressive! Used to facilitate the course of history for the research, modified by links that are accessed most frequently used appear at the top of the list, and users can write a few words and not the exact link.

The third and probably has, that I wanted more, and reached a year ago, Firefox is Firefox Sync, a feature that is not yet perfect, but it comes. This feature allows to backup your bookmarks, cookies, history, and most of all add-ons that Mozilla server cloud. Sync Firefox before, to move from one operating system to another, there were third-party solutions, but it never worked quite as it should and that the transition is a profile of an operating system to another has caused some problems.

The Biggest Problem

The best feature of Firefox, the variety of accessories is also its biggest problem. The fact of the matter is that some of the functions should be available by default and not by third-party extensions are implemented. In theory, its add-ons can be very good, but also slow down the browser and the operating system itself, especially when many of them, as in the case of a power user. The other major problem with Firefox is that there is a large consumer of resources. One improvement I, when I noticed Firefox 4.0 was a slight improvement in the management of resources and better than ever last year, but remains a major problem.


Some users have criticized the policies of the Mozilla version and I even have friends who are still using Firefox 3.5. I can say that there is a good decision to increase the pace of development was, and it shows in the series of functions and the general feel of the application. I hated Firefox versions prior to 3.5, due to memory problems and I had many addons install, easy to do what I want. Now I can not imagine what I could do my work with any browser, although there is fierce competition in the market. Article source

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