Having laid down the advantages, it is also of equal importance to look at the disadvantages below:

  • Although the site’s biggest advantage is its emphasis on visual content, it can also be said that it is its primary setback for other businesses. So if you are not a product-oriented business without visuals to offer, then it might be not worth the effort for you to launch a Pinterest marketing campaign.
  • Pinterest was made without marketing for businesses in mind. Unlike the other social media sites, the offer a specific space for businesses to play their game. The challenge is to find a way to market your products without looking like it.
  • Perhaps the biggest challenge for Pinterest is the copyright issues which are sitting in the corner, gaining strength each day. There is growing backlash from photo owners who owns the images pinned to the sight by its users. Although its “terms of use” puts heavy emphasis on the part where the user is responsible in making sure that those they share on the sight is free from copyright and licensing violations so that in worse case scenario, the user will face the charges and not them. So before you join the site, you have to be aware about the copyright and other legal issues that have plagued it. Aside from the move that they have revamped their terms of use, they also put a character limit on the description box for the pins. This will limit or even prevent users from copy pasting content that comes with the images. Even though you can technically reproduce anything from the Internet, it is safer to assume that all of which are protected by copyright so as to avoid future problems.



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