Affiliate marketing can be ideally done in Pinterest. The audience in the site is dominated by women ages 22-35 who loves and are ready to shop. The easiest way to make money is to pin images which will interest them and link those items using an affiliate link. If you visit most pins in the website, you can see that most are from Almost certainly, these Amazon links are affiliate links. But before you join the wagon, there are things that you should first.

First, you should learn how to cloak these affiliate links. Pinterest is a little bit conservative when it comes to aggressive marketing wherein they developed a partnership with a service called Skimlinks which is tasked to scan their network affiliate links and then change those back to their affiliate id.

Ironic really that even if they are known to drive quality traffic to websites, they are now keen on removing these. Cloaking your links with custom URLs are quite easily done nowadays especially with the emergence of services such as or Tiny Url. But in the case of Pinterest, these two most popular services are already in their database so it would be better to play on the safe side and use less popular services.

One of the recommended is LinkTrackr which will allow you to customize links, but they will also be able to help you monitor conversions and clicks that are outside LinkTrackr. This will ensure that that you get credit for conversions you helped produce.

on’t do the shortcut even if it seems easier to handle. What you should do is to host the images that you pin on your server. Pinterest works by linking all the images back to their original source. If you did pin an image right from Amazon, the potential client will be taken back to Amazon. Since the site limits you in linking an image with your designated affiliate ID, the best route to take is to send the user to your own site where you have hosted and posted the link.

Be careful not to spam. Pinterest spammers use bots to automatically create accounts and post pins. Do not underestimate the brains working behind Pinterest as they are getting better in tracking those who do so. As all things in life, consider the long term if you really want to make money off the site. Do it correctly by spending a little bit of your time posting pins with content and things that you like. Those will accumulate in the long run and you can make decent money from it in a month or two as long as you don’t forget to cloak your links.

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