Are you one of those who want to be constantly informed about your websites statistics? Then you are probably asking yourself, where are android applications for StatCounter? If we visit Google Play we can only find one and it doesn’t look promising. Application is called Statcounter but it has poor reviews and i can tell you that users feedback don’t lie. I decided to test this app myself and it didn’t last long on my phone, Why?

When you press big StatCounter icon on the first screen of this app, you are sent to official StatCounter page where you need to enter your credentials.

Basically this app is just a browser with no additional features. There aren’t any widgets which are almost mandatory for these kind of apps these days. Also if you have standard Statcounter account you are very limited. When you are logged in, you can only visit 10 pages because of the ads which are not shown. What!?! 10 views, you must be kidding me. Stupid limitation.

statcounter_android2 statcounter_android1 statcounter_android3

Sadly there are no other applications for StatCounter and there aren’t any signs that someone or maybe even StatCounter itself will release proper app.



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  1. vineesh August 3, 2014 at 9:17 am - Reply

    At present statcounter android app not available in Google play store.

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