In this article im going to talk about the effects of negative SEO, there are many factors to consider.

When looking at the effects that negative SEO has on your website from your own bad practices to those of your shady competitors who will try and bring you down.

Thankfully Google recently launched the Google Disavow links tool (Bing also has this tool), this helps to eliminate most of the negative SEO that your shady competitors might try and use, such as spamming your website with dodgy back links (yes it does happen).

As you peruse your site’s back link profile, keep an eye out for any of the following indications of negative SEO: Great advice from Search Engine Journal

  • Links from “bad neighborhood” sites (including back links from gambling, adult, and other illicit types of websites)
  • Links from foreign language sites
  • Links from pages that appear to have been created for the sole purpose of spamming the search engines
  • Links from pages that have more than 50 links in their body texts
  • Links from pages that trigger malware warnings within your browser

But for the purpose of this article im going to talk about what YOU can do on your own website and in your own SEO practices that can and will help to reduce the effects of poor SEO.

Negative SEO Do Not Keyword Stuff

If your an old hand at SEO then you know that keyword stuffing is a big no no in the eyes of Google. All this achieves is your website looks bad to your visitors and you get your self a penalty in the search rankings.

You simply do not try and deceit anyone or anything online  IT WILL be found and YOU will be punished for it. Your visitors will smell a rat immediately if what they searched for is not found on your website.

Google has very harsh penalties for such websites, your website and your online business will only suffer as a result of keyword stuffing. And once you get a penalty, getting it removed is not easy (been there done it, worn the t-shirt).

Dont Use Unfair Link Building Strategies

You will not find any shortcuts that work when it comes to building back links. Never ever purchase bulk back links from any where. Link building should only be done organically, over time your website will see a steady increase in its rankings.

Dont Use two URL’s

Make up your mind, its either with or without the www, do not use both as this WILL affect your rankings. If you are not sure then use canonical URL’s, most WordPress SEO plugins offer this feature.

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

Getting high rankings in the search engines cannot be done simply overnight. These things take time. Take your time and build your rankings steadily so as not to risk any Google penalties.

Like i said ‘Slow And Steady Wins The Race’ every time. As your websites popularity grows and your back linking building increase through organic links, your rankings will come.

One more crucial point, your navigation needs to be kept simple for your users and you must use proper internal linking to boost your SEO rankings.

Keep a check on your links within your website, you dont want any broken links as they have a negative effect on your SEO  use a plugin such as ‘Broken Link Checker‘.

If you stick to the above tips, you will be able to stay away from any penalties, and given time you will have a website that Google loves and so do your readers.

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  1. Garen November 15, 2012 at 4:11 am - Reply

    It sad that negative seo has gotten so big. In fact, people that run sites are just made to ruin peoples hard work. I mean isn’t it illegal to create a site that is made to ruin others websites. I am sure they are offshore or something.

    It backs to do whitehat tactics and you never have to worry about algo updates, in fact you will look forward to them :) I use broken link checker and love it!


  2. Owen E. Richason IV December 19, 2012 at 9:33 pm - Reply

    Negative SEO can be a problem–especially in highly competitive geo-targeted markets.

    What can be just as large a problem is over optimization. Keyword density is all but useless–if not harmful. Semantic indexing is the way Google wants website owners to go.

    And it makes sense, create a site with great information, use natural language and search engines will reward accordingly.

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