If you are talking about computer graphics software there is nothing else better than Adobe’s Photoshop. This application has been ruling the market for several years now and their newest release is no exception to their exemplary predecessors. However in case you already have the Photoshop CS5 version installed on your pc do you need the CS6 version? Although the choice is completely yours and you are the one to decide let’s look at some of the features offered by the Photoshop CS6 that were not included in the earlier version of the software. In case these are your requirements you are advised to upgrade to the higher version.

Content Aware Patch

It is pretty often that you find the requirement where it is necessary to remove certain areas of an image without distorting its surrounding area. However by using the content aware patch which provides this content aware feature you will be empowered with removing things from images like people, plants, cars or pets etc. You can remove whatever is not required and then the software tries to patch up the image to the best of its capabilities and normally it is done perfectly.

Brilliant Crop Tool

Although the CS5 offered a really cool crop tool, it is actually shocking to see that the one in Photoshop CS6 is even better. Most of the users assumed that it was not really possible. This new crop tool selects your full image and provides you with the massive range of options and that is extremely useful.

Mercury Graphics Engine

While you are using Warp or other distortion making tools, you normally have to wait for a while for viewing the changes made in the photo and after this you are required to adjust the settings in case you are not happy with the results and then wait again. This can turn out to be extremely frustrating and to avoid this, a new feature has been added which is mercury graphics engine and it provides a far better working experience as you are not wasting time in waiting.

Blur Gallery

All graphic designers make use of blur and the new blur options used in CS6 make your images appear even more professional than ever before. Instead of struggling with the CS5’s tilt shift effects, you can make use of the new options available on CS6. What’s more, you are now able to select from more than a single focal point while creating the blurs and that is a tremendous feature to have in your arsenal.

Changes Useful to Fashion industry

There have been many changes made from the CS5 which are useful for the professionals from fashion industry. There are three different effects possible now with the lens blur feature. Another useful tool is the face and skin detection tool which helps in saving both time and energy when it is time for portrait corrections.

Apart from these there are a number of more features added to the Photoshop CS6 including background save and Adaptive wide angle. However, these are entirely new features if you consider them along with the ones mentioned above, the list will go on and on.

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